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Welcome at FEM’s!

FEM’s, Female Executive Management & Search, is an independent search company that strives for a higher number of women in management, executive and non executive positions. FEM’s wants to increase the --‘XX-factor’-- in industry, technology and science. In these sectors, women are unfortunately frequently underrepresented.

FEM’s works for companies who want a healthy mix of men and women in their top positions. FEM’s also works for women who have this ambition.

Why FEM's?
FEM’s is looking for female managers and executives who have at least 5 years of experience in senior management. We want women with inspiration and ambition.  

                "FEM's makes Female Toptalent visible to the industry"

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FEM's is looking for female managers, directors and board members. We invite you to make your female talent also visible.
As a company you can join FEM's. You can promote your company, publish vacancies and have an unlimited search for candidates.
Only interested in CV's from female top talents? Choose for FEM's Solo Search. This package gives you access to the website with unlimited search capabilities for candidates.
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